A 100% natural treatment to relieve your pain

Our natural therapies are used to successfully treat the following types of pain:


Rotator cuff injuries

Plantar fasciitis


Migraines and headaches

Peripheral neuropathies

Trigger points

Muscle or joint pain

Neuralgia, neurological pain

Gynecological pain

Epicondylitis, bursitis, tendonitis

Low back pain, sciatic pain

Chronic pain

Inflammatory pain, arthritis

And many others…

Why our approach is so effective in treating pain

We use acupuncture, a recognized practice

Acupuncture is recognized by many health professionals as a therapy of choice for pain management and relief. Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of acupuncture for the treatment of pain and even the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes it as effective in treating several types of pain.

Our approach is 100% natural

We use a natural approach to manage pain, which does not depend on drugs or invasive procedures; therefore you will have no undesirable side effects or surgical risks to manage afterwards.

We combine the best of modern medicine and Chinese medicine

By combining modern anatomical and physiological knowledge with the theory and proven practices of traditional Chinese medicine, we can achieve significant results quickly.

We accelerate body’s natural healing process

The body has the ability to regulate and heal naturally. We facilitate this work by eliminating blockages that prevent the natural healing process from taking its course. The body is then able to secrete its own anti-pain and anti-inflammatory substances; our treatment just stimulates or restarts these natural mechanisms to allow you to recover from your pain.

Your quality of life has been affected because of pain?

Wait no longer! You deserve to live every moment of your life pain free!

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How acupuncture relieves your pain

The mechanisms behind acupuncture have caught the interest to researchers for a long time. In recent decades, advances in technology and better knowledge and understanding of the human body have allowed us to identify some of the mechanisms that explain the effectiveness of acupuncture. Although there is still much to learn and discover about the action of acupuncture and the human body in general, today we have several pieces of information that allow us to better understand what happens during an acupuncture treatment. We know, among other things, that acupuncture acts on:
  • A number of opiate receptors in the body and improves the sensitivity of the opiate nervous system.
  • A number of products secreted by the body that are involved in the regulation of pain in ATP and adenosine, GABA and substance P.
  • The spinal cord, by the gate control mechanism.

How we help you to relieve your pain

1. Assessment of the root cause

Pain is not always felt where the real problem is. To ensure lasting results, we carefully evaluate your situation and identify the source and contributing factors to your problem.

2. Specific treatment plan

Once we have identified the cause of the pain, we establish a precise and effective treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

3. Targeted acupuncture treatments

Using advanced acupuncture techniques, combined with tuina massage and some Chinese medicine products, we relax muscles and fascia, reduce inflammation and re-balance your nervous system to help you heal your pain and to prevent recurrence.

4. Targeted recommendations

In order to ensure optimal results, we can recommend specific exercises, give you nutrition or lifestyle advice or Chinese medicine supplements.

5. Sustainable results and optimal performance

Once we have relieved your pain, we can work in prevention to prevent it from returning and to allow you to maintain an optimal state of health.

Excellent treatment! Excellent results!
To lead you to a place where you live fully, without pain.

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