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Frequency of concussions

Complete Concussion Management, a multidisciplinary network of health practitioners for better concussion management, has reviewed the literature on the incidence of concussions in sports to make a list of sports with the highest risk of concussion. Here are the...

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How to recognize a concussion

Knowing how to recognize a potential concussion is important. Concussions are not always as apparent as one might think, but their consequences can be serious. In addition, sports with the most concussions are not necessarily those we would expect. For example…

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Acupuncture in the treatment of concussions

Concussions are a type of injury that is difficult to treat and the associated symptoms can vary greatly.Its treatment therefore requires a multidisciplinary approach, which may include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition and supplements and, of course, acupuncture. Acupuncture has a regulating or modulating effect on a person’s physiology and is an excellent tool that can be used as part of a concussion recovery program.

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Thoracic outlet syndrome

Thoracic outlet syndrome is caused by a compression or nerves and blood vessels in tight spaces in the lower part of the neck, under the collarbone, or in the armpit. When the nerves are compressed, the main symptoms are pain and tingling in the hand and fingers. When the arteries or veins are compressed, there could be pain, swelling, paleness or bluish coloration of the arm. scalene muscles an/or a pectoralis minor that are too tight or inflamed are the usual culprits. A cervical rib or a fracture of the collar bone can also be the cause.

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Toothache: a case study

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is a very vast field of knowledge and techniques. There are many approaches that, although often similar in appearance, vary in their application and effectiveness for specific cases. I am passionate about acupuncture and Chinese medicine and I have worked hard over the past 15 years to broaden and deepen my knowledge and skills. I explored many facets of Chinese medicine and developed some expertise in various approaches.

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The importance of the gluteus medius muscle – a case study

A man in his late 40s came to see us for a pain in the left buttock, being referred to us by another acupuncturist. His pain began about 6 months earlier after a fall when cross-country skiing. He fell on his buttocks and had severe back pain that lasted several weeks and spread to the left buttock.

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A global approach to the treatment of pain

Un traitement complet et efficace de la douleur devrait considérer tous ces facteurs dans son approche. On prendra en considération la nutrition, les muscles et fascias, le sommeil et les habitudes de vie, l’environnement physique (et souvent l’environnement social/affectif), l’utilisation adéquate des médicaments et suppléments, le stress et les émotions et attitudes, ainsi que plusieurs autres facteurs pouvant influencer la douleur et la guérison.

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Sports Acupuncture Alliance Summit 2019

Je ne pouvais pas manquer l’édition 2019 du Sports Acupuncture Alliance Summit, ce rassemblement d’acupuncteurs passionnés et spécialisés en acupuncture sportive. Plus particulièrement lorsque j’ai appris que Clayton Shiu faisait partie des conférenciers.

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Sports Acupuncture Alliance Summit 2018

La Sports Acupuncture Alliance est un collectif d’acupuncteurs œuvrant dans le milieu sportif et partageant la vision commune de développer le champ de l’acupuncture en médecine sportive.

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